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Five Trends You May Have Missed in the Fast Food Franchising Industry

  • November 12, 2015

Once you decide to step up and become your own boss, you will need to start following the trends of your chosen fast food franchise business. In the wide world of fast food franchises, things are always evolving. Many of the long-running franchises can depend on customer loyalty to keep their operations afloat. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly looking for ways to innovate and find new menu items to add.

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Think about the last commercial you saw for a fast food franchise. Was that just to remind you of your dinner options or was it to promote a new menu item? Chances are it was for that new menu item and that means the company is attempting to tap into a rising trend in the industry. Here are some of the current trends in the fast food franchising industry, like Hot Dog on a Stick, you might have missed:

Fast Food Franchise Trends

1.      Mobile Everything

Today’s fast food consumer is extremely tech savvy. You’ll know this by the simple fact that everyone in line for your business is probably texting or checking in on their Smartphones. Fast food franchises are capitalizing on this trend by offering things like loyalty programs, smartphone payments, mobile ordering and, of course, marketing campaigns.

2.      Generation Z Stepping Up

Coming on the heels of the Millennials is Generation Z. This is the new group of up and coming consumers who have developed some sophisticated palates. That’s not to say they don’t want the tried and true things like pizza, chicken, pasta, or hot dogs. They’re all still munching on those items but they’re looking for variations on a theme. For instance, if they want a hot dog, they might gravitate towards Hot Dog on a Stick as a fun and tasty alternative to the basic hot dog in a bun.

3.      Options Everywhere

Another quick moving trend in fast food franchises is the ability to open up service in just about any space. Many grocery stores have set up Starbucks and/or Panda Express counters in their facilities. Drugstores like Walgreens are selling smoothies, juices, and shakes. Even vending machines have gotten more sophisticated with their snack selections. Bottom line: if there is an empty space with foot traffic, it can be filled with a fast food franchise.

4.      Going Green

In their private lives, many consumers are driving to make choices that help them reduce their carbon footprint. That attitude often transfers to their decisions for fast food picks. A company that is proactively “green” has the potential to attract more customers. Sustainability can take many forms from utilizing recycled paper in containers to setting up an active recycle program with a fast food franchise’s waste disposal.

5.      Spice Matters

More and more fast food customers are looking for the heat in their food. Bold flavors and spicy condiments are just the ticket to entice this segment of the population who don’t mind making things hotter.

Is Hot Dog on a Stick a Good Investment?

Analyzing these fast food franchise industry trends could have you circling back to the question, “Is Hot Dog on a Stick a good investment?” As you dig further into the research of this franchise opportunity, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that this is one company who is staying ahead of the trend curves. To find out more about how you can franchise with Hot Dog on a Stick, contact us today!

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