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Millennial Delivery Trends that Bode Well for QSR

  • November 14, 2019

For the customer’s experience, there is nothing more valuable than optimal convenience — and no other group knows about the evolution of service than millennials. While the American dream for some might be owning their own business, for others, that dream could be a fresh and tasty snack arriving at their doorsteps at the quick press of a button. A fast-food franchise investment with Hot Dog on a Stick could be the best way to fulfill that dream for our hungry consumers. Let’s take a look at how convenience and food have evolved over the years, how food delivery services have changed, and why a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise investment is a perfect opportunity service that ideal customer.

Value of Eating on the Go

Fast-food franchises have thrived over the years, which has led the quick service restaurant industry of franchising to quickly become the most popular option for savvy investors. It’s not a surprise — instead of having to prepare a lunch every day for work the night before, putting together an elaborate dinner for the family, or visiting a hectic grocery store, customers are able to run over to a quick-service restaurant (QSR) and grab a meal whenever. Customers can visit one of our kiosks, order their food, and walk out with a tasty snack and a refreshing hand-stomped lemonade moments after they park their car. A result of the convenience in this model is a projected spike in revenue accompanied by overall growth in the industry. According to industry statistics fast-casual revenue is expected to spike up to $66.87 billion by 2020.

Food Delivery Services Defining Convenience

A fast-moving trend of the foodie scene that has taken our industry by storm is food delivery: Door Dash, UberEats, and other services are booming. If you take a look at the target consumer for these business models, 24-35-year-old, millennials have gotten the most exposure to what these brands can provide. 

Why is that? Well, millennials certainly know how the effects that updated technology can impact overall user convenience. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, so it’s no surprise that delivery brands are trying to capitalize on the growing momentum. Delivery services make it possible for a millennial or any user to log on to their site or app and order food from their favorite restaurant without having to leave their apartment to get it. With a Hot Dog on a Stick fast-food franchise investment, your team could be preparing their next order. 

Where Does the Demand Live?

If you have assessed the investment and decided that this style of franchising could be a perfect fit for your portfolio, the next step is finding your consumers. Research has shown that the ideal consumer for a food delivery service app is located in a highly-populated area where car ownership rates are low, like a busy city. This is ideal for an investor that is interested in a Hot Dog on a Stick fast-food franchise location because our model is excellent for densely populated areas that produce consistent levels of traffic from commuters, shoppers, travelers and entertainment seekers alike. When you invest in a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise location, our team of real estate experts will work with you in order to try and identify the best location for your new business. 


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