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Endless Options! 4 Places You Can Open Your Hot Dog Franchise

  • November 20, 2018

There are many benefits to investing in a hot dog franchise, and one of the greatest is the flexibility in location. Since hot dogs have such a diverse demographic, our franchises can be found in a wide variety of different places. Although it is more common to see hot dog franchises like Hot Dog on a Stick in malls and other traditional locations such as shopping centers and mixed-use areas, non-traditional franchise opportunities have just as much potential for profit, except in a location that may have much less competition. Here are some places you could open your hot dog franchise that you may not have thought of.

non-traditional franchise opportunities

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

When people are cheering on their teams, they don’t want their food to get in the way as they stand up and down or burst out with excitement. Hot Dog on a Stick has the potential to thrive in sports stadiums and arenas because several menu items are on sticks, making them easy to grasp and portable. Fans can hold them as they walk around, stand and cheer, and when they need to get up quickly to let others in and out of the aisles. This non-traditional franchise location could prove to be very favorable to a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise because there aren’t many hot dog franchises utilizing these ideal locations.

Event and Concert Venues

Non-traditional franchise opportunities often center around entertainment because people want food items that are easy to hold while moving around, which is why event and concert venues are perfect for a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise. Event and concert venues are a prime opportunity for a Hot Dog on a Stick because they have a large number of people on almost any given day. When they are watching a concert, they want a food that doesn’t require them to take attention off the show. A hot dog on a stick is filling and also doesn’t require you to sit down or hold it with two hands, adding a layer of convenience to eventgoers who appreciate it.


An airport is always a busy place filled with a lot of people at all hours of the day. These people are trying to get to their final destination – whether they are arriving, departing, or waiting for a connecting flight. Regardless of why they are at the airport, they don’t have much time to sit down for a meal. A Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is perfect for an airport because travelers are looking for a quick bite that they can take on-the-go. Hot dogs in regular buns require too much attention to avoid spillage, but a hot dog on a stick is the perfect solution. They can carry their meal in one hand and easily eat it while they move with their carry-on or any other items they are bringing with them.

College Campuses

Students are constantly on the move. Whether they are going to class, work, the library, or their dorm, students do not have a lot of time to sit down and eat. In addition, most do not have a lot of money to spend on expensive meals. This is why college campuses are perfect non-traditional franchise opportunities for Hot Dog on a Stick. A hot dog franchise provides the perfect solution because it offers quality food for a favorable price, which will attract college students. In addition to the time and money, students also like the added convenience of being able to take it on the go. This way, they can study with a hot dog on a stick, go to class with a hot dog on a stick, or even just walk around with one.

Additional Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities

There are endless non-traditional franchise opportunities out there for a hot dog franchise. Although these are just four, there are additional locations that have similar potential for profit. These opportunities include military bases, resorts, convenience stores, train stations, boardwalks and even more where there is a higher chance of people who like hot dogs. We will work with you to find the right non-traditional location so that you know you are in an optimal spot for success with your franchise. Here at Hot Dog on a Stick, we offer training and support, in addition to helping you find the right location, so that you can acquire all the skills and knowledge you need to open your franchise with confidence.

Do you want to learn more about the costs of opening a Hot Dog on a Stick at non-traditional franchise opportunities? Visit our investment page for more information.