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Aspire High by Aiming for Fast Food Franchising

  • January 22, 2018

Potential franchise owners, listen up. There are great forecasts for the franchising industry on the horizon. The International Franchise Association predicts the rest of 2017 to be marked by plenty of growth. This is to the tune of around 2% across all franchise sectors and pronounced growth for fast-food franchise establishments.

Employment in franchising is anticipated to grow by over 3% to more to approximately 7 million workers over the course of the rest of the year. Quick-service restaurants (QSR) like Hot Dog on a Stick are slated to grow by 1.9% as this robust year in franchise growth plows ahead to near-record highs.

In terms of past precedent, there’s a lot of reason for believing that things in the quick-service restaurant franchise sector are as rosy as they seem. In 2015, revenue in the United States from these kinds of franchises topped $200 billion. That’s nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars! This is certainly a testament to how much Americans love franchises like Hot Dog on a Stick.

best hot dog franchise

Aspire High with a Best Hot Dog Franchise…and Still Surpass Your Goals!

The ideal franchise candidate at Hot Dog on a Stick has the following qualities:

  • Friendly
  • Hard-working
  • Financially stable with $100K in liquid assets
  • Confident
  • Systems-oriented
  • Committed
  • Ambitious

This last item, ambition, is really important for your success. This is because in the quick-service restaurants sector, you’re riding a wave of popular support, interest, and enthusiasm.

Are you scanning the horizon for the best hot dog franchise to invest in? Then you might ask yourself whether the franchise offers extensive, ongoing training as well as the chance to expand further and broaden your portfolio. Fortunately, Hot Dog on a Stick offers initial and ongoing training. In addition, we offer marketing and multi-unit expansion opportunities.

Get Trained, Accept Marketing Assistance, and Maybe Go Multi-unit!

Multi-unit franchise ownership is becoming the norm in the quick-service restaurants sector. More than three-fourths of franchised restaurants are now owned and operated by multi-unit franchise owners. Read more about scaling up your Hot Dog on a Stick franchise operation and how to become the best hot dog franchise owner that you can be.

You are given comprehensive training at Hot Dog on a Stick. This helps you learn quickly and pick up the skills that you need. Your franchise fee helps cover these things. In addition, your franchise agreement gives you access to the Hot Dog on a Stick brand, training methodology, logos, and marketing resources. These can help you hit your stride early and aspire to greater heights than you perhaps imagined possible.

The best part about going multi-unit might be the exclusivity. In certain areas, you could be eligible for an area development agreement that essentially grants you exclusive rights to a particular area so that you can become the best hot dog franchise owner that you can possibly be.

QSR Has a Large Slice of the Franchising Pie

The quick-service restaurants’ slice of the overall franchising pie in the United States accounts for more than half of the overall franchise sales. That’s incredible. That means a huge amount of market share, economies of scale savings, and it underlines the fact that customers like consistency of experience and trusted brands.

You can deliver both consistency and trust by becoming a franchisee of Hot Dog on a Stick. Have we piqued your interest? Then don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how you can get started in the franchising process today!

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