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Are There Hot Dog Franchise Opportunities Near You?

  • August 8, 2016

If you’ve ever stared aimlessly out the window at work and wondered whether the world needs another hot dog franchise, the answer is a resounding yes. Whether it needs to be in your area is another question. When considering franchise opportunities (whether they are related to hot dogs or hamburgers), location is one of the most important factors. In fact, it might be the most important factor.

Here is a look at three location-related considerations and how you can use them to decide if you should take advantage of the hot dog franchise opportunities in your area:

franchise opportunities

What to Look for in Franchise Opportunities

1) What Does the Landscape (Competitive and Otherwise) Look Like?

If you are like most people who are in the early stages of exploring hot dog franchise opportunities in their areas, you are probably hyper-focused on the physical location of your franchise.

Although deciding whether to build out in a shopping center or a free-standing building is an important consideration, it might not matter as much as the overall competitive landscape. Whatever you do, you are going to want to analyze the area before you make any commitments.

You should take a close look at the competition to make sure you are not opening a hot dog franchise that is already in the area. You are going to want to look at the current traffic patterns and the city’s plans for the area’s infrastructure in the future. And you are going to want to understand the demographics of the area to ensure there will be a critical mass of people who are likely to enjoy dining on hot dogs.

Only after you understand the competitive and literal landscape will you be able to determine whether you should try to take advantage of one of the hot dog franchise opportunities in your area.

2) Do You Have the Right Advisors?

Very few franchisees are able to do it on their own. Often, they rely on support from experienced advisers who understand how to make the most of franchise opportunities.

Of course, your franchisor will be in your corner (after all, the better your business does, the better their business does). But you are going to want trusted advisors who can assist you with decisions related to financing your business, location, marketing and promotion, and even getting health insurance for yourself.

Make sure your advisors understand commercial real estate so that you can find the best possible space for your hot dog franchise and get the best possible deal on your business’s lease.

3) What Does the Lease Look Like?

Your lease can be either an asset or an albatross. Which one will depend largely on how well you negotiate.

Too many franchisees take their leases for granted. They figure that there isn’t much they can do about them, so they don’t sweat it. In reality, they should sweat all the small stuff when it comes to their leases.

You probably should have your legal advisor review your lease to make sure your best interests are protected. In particular, you and your lawyer should make sure the lease allows you to fulfill all of your franchise agreements, which include the configuration of the space, the use of signage, and several other important factors.

If you sign a lease that does not allow you to fulfill the obligations the franchisor has laid out, your lease might drag you down until you are able to get out from under it.

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