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A Trip Back in Time: What Hot Dog on a Stick Looked Like 70, 40, and 20 Years Ago

  • February 11, 2016

For almost seventy years, we have been providing delicious food, delightful service, and profitable franchise opportunities. Our Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is much different today than the way it looked in 1946. Since then, we have multiplied from one store to dozens of locations all across the country. Here’s a look at how much we’ve changed since we started and how much we’ve grown over the years.

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1940s: The First Hot Dog on a Stick Restaurant Opens

Around the time Hot Dog on a Stick first got started, World War II had finally ended, bikinis and slinkies arrived on the scene, and the United Nations was founded. Dave Barham opened his first store in Santa Monica and called it Party Puffs. You can still visit this location today, though the name has since changed to Hot Dog on a Stick (a good move in creating franchise opportunities later on).

1970s: The Expansion of Franchise Opportunities

As our company grew, so did the number of locations. The first mall location appeared in 1973 in Salt Lake City. At around this same time, Dave Barham introduced uniforms to his employees. Those who took part in franchise opportunities wore the blue, yellow, and red striped shirts and hats with joy.

By 1984, twenty-five stores had opened in nine states. Our company still continues to grow today thanks to the amazing franchise opportunities that we offer. The popularity and expansion of our Hot Dog on a Stick stores only continued to grow from there.

1990s: The Employee Owned Franchise Opportunity

In 1991, our Hot Dog on a Stick franchise became an ESOP company, meaning that all dedicated employees become owners of the company. And though it isn’t employee owned today, those who take part in franchise opportunities can feel the same sense of ownership as Dave Barham felt when he started the company seventy years ago.

Top Fast Food Franchise in the World

Over the years, we have grown and developed. But the same delicious recipes, courteous employees, and franchise opportunities have made it a top rated company. Those wishing to join the legacy of Hot Dog on a Stick can become a valued employee or take place in one of the franchise opportunities the company offers.

If you would like to become involved in a world class franchise opportunity and you’re asking yourself, “Is franchising a good idea?”, then visit our website today to find out more about opening a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise. Join the rich history and promising future by running your own franchise. You’ll be glad you did!

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