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A Great Opportunity for an American Classic Franchise

  • May 9, 2019

Hot dogs have been a staple of American cuisine for decades. People love hot dogs, and the industry has grown drastically since the food’s first appearance in the late 19th century. As an American hot dog franchise, we are proud to have been part of this growing industry since 1946. We are a classic American franchise offering a great opportunity to bring a classic American hot dog to people all over the country. Here’s what the Hot Dog on a Stick franchise opportunity looks like and why it may be the right one for you.

american hot dog franchise

An American Hot Dog Franchise

We got our start right here in the United States, serving beach goers and tourists of Santa Monica from a little beachfront shop. We were an entrepreneurial dream of Dave Barham, who started this shop as a place to get ice cream and lemonade, and from there took his mom’s cornbread recipe and created Hot Dog on a Stick. As an American hot dog franchise with humble beginnings, we are proud to offer an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs like Dave to break into the snack food industry.

Our Products

We offer so much more than just hot dogs on sticks. We offer an easy snack or quick meal for customers to eat on-the-go when they are at a mall, sports event, college campus, or airport. We use the best hot dogs on the market, and our homemade lemonade can create customers for life. Our menu also includes items like cheese on a stick, fries, hand-stomped lemonade and funnel cake sticks. Our customers love the products that we offer, which is why entrepreneurs look into our opportunity.

Our Investment

All hot dog franchise opportunities require an investment, but ours is different than many others out there. Our fee is a lump sum of $25,000 , due when the franchisee signs the franchise agreement. Upon paying the franchise fee, franchisees are granted the right of using the established Hot Dog on a Stick brand name, along with a host of other brand-specific resources. Although we don’t provide in-house financing for the total investment, we require that all franchisees have at minimum of $100,000 liquid assets to cover the franchise fee and other starting expenses per store.

Flexible Location Requirements

Hot Dog on a Stick franchises can open in spaces anywhere from 500 to 1,000 square feet. This means that there are a variety of locations suitable for hot dog franchise opportunities like ours. Franchise owners have opened their locations in places like malls, which have a lot of foot traffic and broad demographics. There are other types of locations that have proven to have a lot of potential for franchises as well. Airports, stadiums, and college campuses also bring a lot of foot traffic and diverse demographics. When it comes to non-traditional locations, we are always open to hearing about a new location that could be perfect for a hot dog franchise. Although we are an American hot dog franchise, we also have international opportunities prospective franchisees can explore as well.

If you are interested in learning more about an American hot dog franchise with a lot of growth potential, contact us today.