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7 Places You Can Easily Run Your Hot Dog Franchise

  • August 22, 2017

Wondering how to start a hot dog business? Trying to decide where you would put one if you did? Check out our non-traditional location options! Hot Dog on a Stick’s flexible brand works well in locations all over your community. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a venue for your franchise! We are the experts in hot dogs, and we can show you how to start a hot dog business with ease.

Today we want to talk about recreation and entertainment sites that make great settings for Hot Dog on a Stick. Ultimately, one of the best things about these locations is that each one is unique. They all have something special to offer and you can harness that and make these locations shine!

Recreation and Entertainment

Recreation outlets and entertainment venues present a variety of location options for a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise. Choosing your location deliberately and tailoring your business to the customers you will attract will help you thrive.

*Remember that recreation and entertainment locations present just some of the options for non-traditional venues. Other locations like airports, college campuses, military bases, transportation hubs, resorts, and so many more also make great Hot Dog on a Stick locations.

teens eating hot dogs

How to Start a Hot Dog Business: Locations You Can Open

1.     Water Parks

Water parks are a natural option for Hot Dog on a Stick franchises. For one thing, water parks are full of families and children—our top demographic. Additionally, our portable food and refreshing lemonade are ideal for people taking a break from swimming to have lunch.

2.     Boardwalks

Hot Dog on a Stick originated on a boardwalk in Santa Monica, California, so this concept works for us. People are out in groups, on dates, and with their families. They are looking for yummy, unique food to complement playtime on the beach and souvenir shopping. A walk-up location or hot dog cart will be an ideal fit.

3.     Bowling Alleys

Up the ante on typical bowling alley concessions with Hot Dog on a Stick. Bowling alley patrons will love the option for a fresh, hand-dipped Hot Dog on a Stick instead of typical bowling alley fare of soggy hamburgers and bland nachos. Moreover, bowling alleys don’t have peak seasons, so you can reach customers year round.

4.     Theme Parks

Just like water parks, theme parks are full of families and children spending a day together. Kid-friendly foods—like a Hot Dog on a Stick—are a hit in theme parks. On top of that, parents appreciate how easy it is to eat our food on the go.

5.     Sporting Arenas

Serving concessions at a sporting arena or stadium give you the chance to connect with customers during specific times. Hot Dog on a Stick presents a fun and different way for sports fans to eat one of the most popular concessions: hot dogs. The hot dog is a staple at sporting events. Even better, the extra portability—plus the addition of sweet cornbread—of Hot Dog on a Stick a great choice.

6.     Movie Theaters

Movie theater concessions don’t have to just be popcorn. Theater goers are looking for the ultimate movie experience, and tasty food helps make that happen. Large movie theater complexes are popping up everywhere, redefining “dinner and a movie.”

7.     Concert Venues

Concert venues work for many of the same reasons as sporting arenas. In fact, many major concert venues are located inside sporting arenas, making those locations do double duty. Still, a smaller scale concert venue on its own attracts people looking to eat and have a good time.

We mean it when we say Hot Dog on a Stick works in virtually any location. All it takes is your creativity and determination to find the perfect location in your market. After that, we can show you how to start a hot dog business.

Learn more about how to start a hot dog business at one of our non-traditional location options by downloading our ebook!

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