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6 Secrets That Can Help You Increase Customer Satisfaction in a Fast Food Franchise

  • August 6, 2015

The hope of any type of fast food franchise is longevity. A business should be able to stick around for several years which might mean embracing some emerging trends in the industry. This doesn’t automatically mean you have to reinvent your restaurant every time a new fad is discovered. However, you could benefit greatly by paying attention to the market to see how your current business might capitalize on these trends.

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Food Selfies in a Fast Food Franchise

Everyone likes taking pictures of their food. In fact, there are hundreds of blogs and social media accounts all dedicated to that last meal. Could the food you’re serving entice a customer to snap a picture and post it on their social media networks? Actually, this is something you can take part in by having your own active social media accounts that encourage customers to post their recent visits. It’s all about building up a fun experience.

Flavorful Bites

Another popular food trend is the small bites. Foods like tapas and dim sum are drawing in huge customers who appreciated having different flavorful bites all in the same meal. Another reflection of the smaller bites is smaller menus. Too many choices can overwhelm a consumer, especially when it comes to a fast food franchise.

Unique Beverage Experiences

When it comes to drinks with your meal, most fast food franchises have limited choices. There is usually one popular soda brand with a handful of varieties. However, thanks to the influence of a company like Starbucks, fast food franchise consumers are seeking out more unique beverage experiences. Even something as simple as the fresh squeezed lemonade you would find at a Hot Dog on a Stick restaurant could bring in the customers who want something new.

Local Source

Another emerging trend is the desire to find out where your food comes from. The farm to table concept is making its mark on many restaurants. This probably wouldn’t be a trend that can be embraced by many fast food franchises, so instead, those types of businesses should emphasize the high standards of quality ingredients for their menu options. Not everything has to be traced back to the nearest farm!

Healthy Alternatives

Restaurants who can vary their menus are finding that healthy options are proving to be good sellers. This includes offering gluten-free foods or even something as simple as side salads. Although many folks appreciate healthy alternatives, they also embrace the fun of a “cheat day.” In fact, most diet plans allow for users to indulge in their favorite snacks at least once a week. That is another trend any type of restaurant can utilize.

Focusing on Generation Z

The next generation of consumers are the young teens referred to as Generation Z. This is the group of potential customers who are totally plugged into high-tech. On many levels, they are the trendsetters who can make or break a business with a few posts among their friends. They like things bold and fun, so any way to reach out to Generation Z is going to be great for a business.

Speaking of popular fast food franchises, you might wonder, is Hot Dog on a Stick a good investment? This popular fast food business is part of the Global Franchise Group who is behind Marble Slab Creamery, Great American Cookies and Pretzelmaker. They certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to helping a fast food franchise get up and running. If you want to find out more about this exciting franchising opportunity, contact us at Hot Dog on a Stick to find out how you can be our next franchise owner.

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