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Five Reasons to Start Your Hot Dog an a Stick Franchise

  • February 15, 2016

Business ownership is a core element of the American Dream, but it’s hard to get a new business off the ground when you start with nothing. Through our hot dog franchise opportunities, we provide those people with the drive and dedication to own their own business with the tools and support they need to achieve their business goals. Our hot dog franchise opportunities offer five tangible advantages to ease new franchise owners into the family.

Strong Brand

When evaluating hot dog franchise opportunities, it’s essential to look at the strength of the brand. A strong brand attracts consumers based on name recognition alone, allowing the business owner to open the franchise with an established customer base.

Hot Dog on a Stick has been a fixture in America for almost 60 years. From our original location in Santa Monica to the dozens of sites around the country, consumers know, recognize, and respond to our brand.

a corporate business team

Operations Assistance

Running the day-to-day operations of a business is only a part of the equation; controlling the back office is what keeps the business running smoothly. New business owners who struggle to understand P&L statements, cost management, taxes, and other operational tasks find themselves overwhelmed, and the business suffers.

At Hot Dog on a Stick, we’re committed to training and assisting our franchise owners. Introductory lessons at GFG University provide franchise owners with a solid foundation in business ownership, while targeted operations training supplies franchisees with specialized courses. We further demonstrate our commitment to our franchisees with field consultations with our business experts, who generate site-specific tips and tricks to grow the business.

Ease to Duplicate

The ability to duplicate operations outside of the original location is key to hot dog franchise opportunities. The processes and procedures must translate well from one location to another, otherwise, franchisees will struggle to replicate the original.

Hot Dog on a Stick franchisees benefit from a streamlined and easy to execute operation. We utilize a very limited menu that’s focused on exceptional taste and quality, and the preparation of the food is simple. Our franchisees don’t have to sit on food inventory that they’ll never sell, or products that don’t fit their market.

Hot Dog Franchise Opportunities Marketing Support

The problem with many hot dog franchise opportunities is that once the franchise deal is complete, the business owner is left on their own. The franchisee must divert attention away from operations in order to develop marketing and branding strategies.

Ongoing support is a core principle of the Hot Dog on a Stick franchise mission. We not only provide our sites with promotional materials, we use market specific branding and advertising to strengthen the value of the franchise in each market.

Physical Footprint

The cost of site rental can doom hot dog franchise opportunities from the very beginning. An overly large restaurant space is expensive, and the utility costs add even more financial burden to a new business.

Because of the small menu, our Hot Dog on a Stick locations are a fraction of the size of other restaurant franchises. Our sites are up to 40 percent smaller than other QSR franchises, allowing franchisees greater flexibility in site location, and lower monthly operating costs.

Hot Dog on a Stick is a proven commodity among hot dog franchise opportunities, and we stand ready to help you fulfill your dream of business ownership. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise support or to claim your region.

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