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5 Locations for an American Hot Dog Franchise

  • September 9, 2019

Location will always be king when it comes to driving consumer traffic to your business or franchise. Franchisees always want to make sure their location stands out, and that means choosing the perfect location. When it comes to finding a location for a hot dog franchise, there are plenty of options that are made available for an investor. The hot dog is a delicious culinary experience that could be lucrative for any location type that sees consistent daily foot traffic. Before starting a hot dog business, franchisees should consider the vast array of options at their disposal for a franchise location. 

Entertainment Venues

Families who are looking to enjoy themselves on vacation at an entertainment venue are already willing to spend money. Whether it is a theme park, bowling alley, boardwalk or concert venue, a hot dog or cheese on a stick snack is the perfect quick bite before resuming the day’s activities. Sporting arenas or stadiums could also make for ideal venues for fans that want a quick bite while watching their favorite team. 

Transportation Hubs

A hot dog on a stick is the perfect snack for the on-the-go commuter. The truth is that people may not have time to stop at a dine-in location before their train or flight. A hot dog franchise allows them to get that fast meal in before they embark on their next journey. Traveling facilities are always populated with regular foot traffic throughout the day, so franchisees should never have a problem exposing customers to their business.

Travel Destinations 

Although you may think that the everyday traveler is looking to dine-out when they go away, that is not always the case. Starting a hot dog franchise in a vacation location could give vacationers a financially responsible option for satisfying their hunger. Examples of this non-traditional option include ski resorts, casinos, and much more. 

College Campus 

Students are always on a time crunch. Between studying, athletics, and going to class, there barely seems like enough time to breathe, let alone snag a meal. A Hot Dog On A Stick franchise location makes it easy for students to have a quick bite so they can continue with their busy days with minimal interruption. Think of the waves of hungry students mesmerized by the bright, bold colors of a Hot Dog On A Stick on their way to their dorm. The heavy foot traffic combined with hungry stomaches just screams “return on investment”.

Shopping Centers

A shopping center is an option that seems to be the most popular with our franchisees. Starting a hot dog business in a destination where people are prepared to spend money makes complete sense. The total revenue for the mall cart and kiosk industry reached up to $12 billion in revenue in 2018, and  with annual growth  showing trends upwards since 2013, mall kiosks are a solid bet for your hot dog business.

Would you like to see more of our location options that are available for franchisees interested in opening a hot dog franchise? Check out our location options or contact us anytime.