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4 Delicious Reasons to Choose Hot Dog on a Stick

  • December 1, 2018

There are a lot of franchise opportunities out there, especially in the QSR industry. Typical burger and chicken establishments can be seen in pretty much every state or even every town, but there are the niche brands like Hot Dog on a Stick who serve much more unique foods in the same fast-casual manner. Hot Dog on a Stick is an exciting franchise because we have a different concept than any other. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in a hot dog franchise like Hot Dog on a Stick.

hot dog franchise for sale

Hot Dogs Are Here to Stay

If there’s one thing we know for certain, Americans love hot dogs. Whether they’re at a stadium, a mall, a college campus, or even an airport, hot dogs are always a popular choice for a quick bite. In fact, the hot dog industry has been growing continuously over the course of its history. In 2016, hot dog sales totaled over $2.4 billion in the United States. People love hot dogs all year round, and now may be the best time to get into this growing industry.

Advantages of Both the Hot Dog Industry and the QSR Industry

QSR franchises appear all over the United States and even around the world. They account for 36% of all establishments in the United States. A Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is unique because not only does it have a niche within the QSR industry by being different than any other opportunity out there, it also has an edge over the competition in the hot dog industry as well. We have an added convenience to our menu items – they are on sticks. This means people can carry them with ease no matter the location.

Hot Dog on a Stick started as a small beachfront shop in California for beachgoers and tourists to carry their tasty snack wherever they go. It became clear that this concept was very successful and had a wider appeal to demographics across the country.

A Location for Everyone

One of the best things about Hot Dog on a Stick is that it has a wide-range appeal. Sporting events, concerts, boardwalks, water parks, college campuses, malls, airports, and more all have favorable demographics for a hot dog franchise. People everywhere love hot dogs, so our concept can work in a variety of different, non-traditional locations.

Finding the right location is important to any franchise opportunity. We help our franchisees by creating site requirements and targeted territories that have the right demographic for your Hot Dog on a Stick franchise. This way, you can feel confident that your franchise is opening in an optimal location.

Invest in a Hot Dog Franchise for Sale

Hot Dog on a Stick may be the perfect opportunity for you if you want to invest in a career for yourself. With a franchise, you will be able to be your own boss, hire your own team, and manage your own operation. However, you also get the benefits of training and support, brand recognition, and a tested business model that has been proven to work through other franchisees.

Investing in a hot dog franchise for sale could lead to a rewarding career for you. Find out what differentiates us from other brands!