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3 Top Hot Dog Food Trends for the Year of 2018

  • February 5, 2019

From restaurants to barbecues, and everywhere in between, hot dogs have been a staple part of American dining for decades. Consistent in popularity, the hot dog industry has been on the rise since the late 1800s when it first made its appearance in the United States. Since then, traditional and non-traditional hot dog franchise locations have emerged all across America and around the world. Here are current trends in the hot dog industry and why people should consider buying hot dog franchises for sale.

hot dog franchises for sale

A Convenient Food for a Convenient Price

Hot dogs have been an American favorite because of their convenience at a variety of different locations. Whether you are at a baseball game, a movie theater, or just going out for a quick meal, hot dogs are always a viable option. In addition, they do not break the bank for consumers. The hot dog industry has been thriving for decades because of their convenience in both nature and price.

Although hot dogs are cheap for consumers, they add up quick for the businesses serving them. Americans approximately spent $2.4 billion on hot dogs in 2016, and that number has most likely grown in the past two. Many hot dog franchises have recognized this trend, and Hot Dog on a Stick has taken this convenience to another level. By specializing in hot dogs and other items that can be put on sticks, Hot Dog on a Stick has made eating hot dogs even easier for consumers.

Franchising Opportunities Are Everywhere

Although it is common to think of hot dog franchises in traditional locations like malls, they have been seeking growth in non-traditional locations as well. These include places like boardwalks, sports stadiums and arenas, college campuses, and more — all of which have demographics that often favor hot dog-related menu items. Investing in a hot dog franchise could prove to be popular at a wide variety of locations all across the United States and even internationally.

At Hot Dog on a Stick, we have researched hot franchise markets for our concept. This means when you invest in our brand, we will help find the right location for your franchise. In addition, we offer training and support to help you learn more about the hot dog industry and how to run a franchise.

Investing in Hot Dog Franchises for Sale

Although the hot dog industry is thriving, a big trend that is going on is investing in franchises. Opening a small hot dog stand or shop has its fair share of advantages, but the disadvantages can often outweigh them. It requires a lot of time and money to open a hot dog shop. Hot Dog on a Stick brings a recognizable brand and unique concept, and by opening a hot dog business the right way through franchising, you can have the best of both worlds.

The hot dog industry is thriving in 2018 and is only expected to grow. Like many concepts in the QSR Industry, uniqueness plays an important role in the success of the brand as well as the individual franchises. When people think of quick service restaurants, they think of burgers or chicken. What this means is that Hot Dog on a Stick and other hot dog franchises are in a niche market that is proving to be successful since the popularity of hot dogs is so prominent. We are here to help you open your own Hot Dog on a Stick franchise and help you put yourself on the right path toward reaching your potential.

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