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3 Resources to Take Advantage of When Opening a Franchise

  • June 14, 2018

Opening a franchise with Hot Dog on a Stick is a choice you’re looking to make. Over the decades we’ve been in business, we’ve helped franchisees to open locations across the United States, and we know better than anyone what it takes to get off to a strong start. We’re dedicated to supporting our franchisees as they get their new businesses started. In this post, we’ll review a few of the most significant ways we support new franchisees while they prepare to open their doors and beyond.

#1. Initial and Ongoing Training When Opening a Franchise

Whether or not you have experience in the restaurant industry, we’ve developed a comprehensive training program that’s designed to give you the tools you’ll need to start your business with confidence. Our experts will work with you in our initial training to show you the ropes to run one of our restaurants. We’ve developed a network of experts to provide you with support as you run your business, helping you to tackle every day with confidence. We’ve also put together a resource library for our franchisees, giving them the information they’ll need in order to learn further ways to run their business efficiently.

opening a franchise hot dog on a stick

#2. Opportunities to Expand

The only thing better than opening a franchise is opening more than one! When you franchise with Hot Dog on a Stick, we think you’ll love the experience. Once your location is set up and you’ve established a strong staff, it’s easier than ever to manage your daily operations. That’s why many of our franchisees choose to expand their businesses by opening multiple locations! We strive to make it as easy as possible for our franchisees to expand their business.

#3. Flexible Support for Non-Traditional Locations

Hot Dog on a Stick prides ourselves on our ability to open restaurants in non-traditional locations such as waterparks, amusement parks, movie theaters, and more. Our flexible kitchen requirements make it easier than ever to open a restaurant in any of these locations, and we’re happy to work with our franchisees on seasonal or limited-time locations.

These are just a few of the resources we provide our franchisees with when opening a franchise with Hot Dog on a Stick. With flexible support like this, it’s easy to run your business the way you want. Contact us today to learn more!