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3 Keys to Running a Booming Hot Dog Business

  • October 8, 2016

Franchisees usually come into franchising with a good deal of business experience and networking acumen.

These franchisees also come into franchising with the mindset that an iconic American brand and streamlined operations can coexist with scalability at every phase of their franchising journey.

The latter means that whether you decide to become multi-unit after many years or believe you can handle more business from the outset, you can work with area developers to find prime territory in your area.

Although staff training procedures have been streamlined at Hot Dog on a Stick, there are still a lot of steps that all franchisees can take along their journey to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible with their new hot dog business.

handing over the keys to the business

Essentials for Leading a Booming Hot Dog Business

Quick service restaurants have hit their stride—to the tune of 4.4% growth in the fast food sector.

The reasons behind that number are complex, but they can be attributed in part to improved customer service, better training, and the extraordinary help that franchisees receive from area developers.

Another factor that explains Hot Dog on a Stick’s franchising growth is that fact that the franchise has been around for over a half century, and today over 90% of customers rate the franchise high in product quality and overall satisfaction.

There’s a lot that goes into that high customer satisfaction score, and there’s a lot that franchisees can do today to boost that number even higher.

1. Realize That Great Never Stops Striving

Hot Dog on a Stick franchisees who hit their stride early and never stop are dedicated to ongoing training, networking, and attending symposia on how to further refine their franchising skills.

While all franchisees will go through the Global Franchise Group University’s franchisee training to streamline their hiring and operations practices, joining international franchise groups and getting more connected with your franchise community can put you in closer touch with industry best practices.

2. Network with Your Peers Constantly

The International Franchise Association’s annual convention is also a great networking opportunity and offers numerous lectures and tutorials.

Networking can lead to more referrals, expansion opportunities, timely advice from other franchisees, and reassurance that you’re doing the right thing.

3. Bring a Positive Attitude to Work Every Day

One of the keys to making it in any service business is treating both your customers and your staff with respect. Another thing that can make a difference is bringing a positive attitude to work every day and ensuring that this positive attitude filters down to all your employees.

The Harvard Business Review recently did a study showing that positive work environments were more productive and the staff working in those environments were far more likely to show high levels of workplace engagement.

Creating a Virtuous Cycle

This means that the staff you hire at your Hot Dog on a Stick franchise location will be more engaged by being around your positivity all day. Engagement in the workplace has been connected with feeling more valued and respected—all good things.

When your staff members are happy, there’s a great chance that a virtuous cycle will take place: productivity picks up, you become more positive, your staff feeds off that positivity, and customers take notice. And who says owning a hot dog business shouldn’t be fun?

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