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12 Reasons to Love Hot Dog on a Stick

  • February 22, 2017

If you’re investigating food franchises, it’s probably only a matter of time before a well-meaning friend says, “Give me one good reason why you think you’ll enjoy running that franchise every day.”

You’re in luck if a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is on your radar. You’ll surprise that friend with not just one reason but one dozen reasons.

To set the stage, remind your friend of the operative word: enjoy. Fun and frivolity are as contagious as a side of fries at Hot Dog on a Stick food franchises, partly because there’s something about taking a bite out of America’s favorite food, served on a skewer, that unleashes everyone’s carefree inner child. Consider:

12 Reasons to Love Food Franchises Like Hot Dog on a Stick

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  • A Hot Dog on a Stick is a bona fide American classic. It’s the food that spawned imitators from ham, chicken, and shrimp on sticks to all kinds of fruit on sticks, according to Rod Phillips, a professor of the history of food and drink at Carleton University in Canada. The first patent application for food on a stick—a corn dog—was filed in 1927 and granted in 1929.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick supplies instant gratification. When your stomach is growling, a hot dog on a stick quells the noise in a hurry.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick is simple to eat. In an age when many foods require preparation, a hot dog on a stick is blissfully simple.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick requires no utensils. You don’t need to cut, scoop, or stab a hot dog on a stick. It’s one of the most low-maintenance foods around.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick is easy to share. Just try sinking your teeth into a hot dog on a stick without someone asking if they can take a bite, too.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick is simple to dip. Chicagoans might give you a dirty look if you dip a hot dog on a stick in ketchup—for them, it’s mustard all the way—but you can always compromise with cheese, if you’re so inclined.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick affords you the convenience of being able to walk and eat, making it an ideal companion for shopping trips, sightseeing, and socializing.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick sends a message of confidence. Depending on whom you ask, walking around and eating at the same time sends a message of resolve or light-heartedness. Either way, you look self-assured.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick makes a persuasive conversation piece. There’s something forceful yet diplomatic about waving that stick as you make a point, underscore a point, or point out something with the point of the stick.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick requires no cleanup. Simply toss the stick in the garbage and you’re done. Just don’t forget to toss the napkin hanging out of your pocket, too.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick will give you the cool factor that many presidential hopefuls were trying to convey last year at various state fairs. When they were widely and comically photographed eating pork chops on sticks, many people wondered why they didn’t stick with the American classic.
  • A Hot Dog on a Stick gives you a great send-off line. You can probably imagine more pointed examples, but you’ll sound much hipper by simply telling people to “Skew it.”

After a few days behind the counter of a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise, you’re likely to come up with your own reasons why hot dogs on sticks reign supreme. Take that important first step by calling one of our franchise consultants—and watch as fun and frivolity assume the forefront of your every day.

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