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Get Started on an International Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise!

Join our franchise family as a master franchise owner, and benefit from our industry leading experience in international franchising! Bring the delicious hot dogs, hand stomped lemonade, and other tasty snacks to your community!

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What It Takes to Become a Master Franchisee

Becoming a master franchisee in your territory takes dedication, hard work, and a willingness to work with our team at Hot Dog on a Stick. We are always seeking people with these qualities to expand our business and bring something new to their communities worldwide. This exciting and unique opportunity can take your business to new heights.

Who Are We Looking For?

Our diverse and growing company has owners all over the world. Individuals with a wide range of experience and backgrounds have all built strong franchise businesses in their communities and territories.

For master franchisees, we are looking for someone who:

  • Owns and operates a business in a similar industry and in their territory of interest
  • Is self-motivated and ready to work hard
  • Has worked with franchise concepts before
  • Has an English speaking staff in their desired territory
  • Has financial stability and a net worth of at least $300K+ USD in liquid assets
  • Is ready and willing to be involved in the business every day
  • Can champion the brand and sell franchises within the territory
  • Is able to develop their market
  • Can negotiate with landlords and find multiple sites

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What Is a Good Market?

Hot Dog on a Stick brings fresh and tasty all American snack foods to any market that we serve. In an international scene, our high quality foods work all over the globe.

There is a certain set of criteria that we use as we look for international markets. This criteria, listed below, help us make sure that Hot Dog on a Stick franchise in your territory will be a good fit.

The criteria are:

  • Customers are interested in the products
  • Local pricing will fit the products
  • Real estate options are plentiful in the market
  • There is enough room in the market for many franchise locations to grow
  • There are no import restrictions on things like dairy, wheat, sugar, or chocolate
  • The market is politically stable
  • A stable banking system is in place that can trade in United States Dollars

Hot Dog on a Stick is an amazing fit in markets and locations all over the world. If you think opening franchises is a good fit for your territory, contact us!

Hot Dog on a Stick Crew

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. We are providing the United States FDD at your request, and as a condition to receiving this FDD, you acknowledge that we are not representing that the contents of the FDD will apply in any manner to our international franchise relationship, including but not limited to any financial performance representations set forth in the FDD.Your country of interest may have individual franchise disclosure requirements. If we elect to engage in further sales discussions, we will fully comply with the franchise disclosure requirements as required by law in your country/territory of interest.